• Arjeplog - Wildlife & natur


    Arjeplog streams - Best fishing in Sweden

  • Arjeplog - Wildlife & natur

    Inspiration for fishing season 2020

  • Arjeplog - Wildlife & natur


    Arjeplog offers fantastic wildlife & untouched nature in our nature reserves. Photo taken in Märkberget's nature reserve at Laisälven.

  • Arjeplog - Wildlife & natur
  • Arjeplog - Wildlife & natur
  • Arjeplog - Wildlife & natur
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"Get inspired of Swedish Lapland"

  • Arjeplogsströmmarna Svenska Lappland

    "Arjeplog streams"

    Information, maps and photos from
    the popular Arjeplogsströmmarna.
  • Arjeplogsströmmarna Svenska Lappland

    Anglers paradise

    For trout & grayling fishing
  • Kristallklart vatten i Arjeplogsströmmarna

    Fish in crystal clear
    mountain water

    Experience midnight sun and clean nature while fishing.
  • Arjeplogsströmmarna Svenska Lappland
  • Arjeplogsströmmarna Svenska Lappland
  • Kristallklart vatten i Arjeplogsströmmarna
  • Lillströmmen


    Lillströmmen starts below Arjeplog church and the Silver Museum, as the name says, it is a small and short stream that flows from Sälla to Vauka....
  • Verkströmmen


    Verkströmmen is located just outside Arjeplog center not far from Lillströmmen, both streams flow from Sälla to Vauka. Kraja Camping is located...
  • Skiltjaströmmen


    Skiltjaströmmen is one of my favorite places to go fishing with nice rapids and pools to try you'r luck on. Here you can catch nice sized trouts &...
  • Vatjinavveströmmen


    Vatjinavveströmmen is where Skellefte river starts, fishing at and between the two bridges over the stream is popular fishing spot with rest and...
  • Kirstenströmmen


    Kirstenströmmen is a small stream flowing through a dam of natur stone and flows into Skiltjaströmmen before reaching Bjäckas bridge.
  • Nauraströmmen


    Nauraströmmen lies between Bjäckas and Kirstenströmmarna not far from each other. The stream flows quite calmly with a few parts with more...
  • Bjäckaströmmen


    Bjäckaströmmen is favorite place for many with nice small rapids and a pool that offer good fishing. Bjäckas flows down from Sälla to...
  • Kvarnströmmen


    Kvarnströmmen is a rejuvenation area where fishing is prohibited.
  • Tjärnasströmmen


    Tjärnasströmmen is one of the larger and deeper of the streams in Arjeplog and flows out from one of the dams just a few hundred meters from...
  • Hemströmmen


    Hemströmmen is a few hundred meters from Arjeplog center and flows from Hornavan down to Sälla through the dam. Fishing is prohibited from the...
  • Vaukaströmmarna


    Vauka rapids offer easy access for the whole family with barbecue areas and handicap fishing spots, but also more experienced fly fisherman finds...
  • Gallaströmmen


    Gallaströmmen is quite wide and calm stream located a bit down stream from Vatjinavveströmmen from where you can see the start of the rapid, The...
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