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Who am I and a bit about the site.
Background and start of the site!

I've always been interested in nature, fishing and photography. After moving around to different places close and faraway over the years it felt like "coming home" when I moved to Arjeplog in 2016. The idea of starting a private photo blog with own pictures in focus came after I been taking some pictures over the past years that I want to share with others with the same interests.

Arjeplog Swedish Lapland
Why VisitArjeplog.se?

With a interest for the web, I  been surprised that there were so few who were interested in blogging in some form about Arjeplog under their own suitable domain. After all, it's not about big money to hold a domain and if it comes to use it can promote and add value for Arjeplog as a visiting destination and benefit all living in the area.


VisitArjeplog.se is a PRIVATE photo blog that I run without involvement or help from other actors and should not be mixed up with other sites.

Höstdag i Arjeplog

Who am I?

Briefly about me behind VisitArjeplog:

I am a nature and fishing interested 57yo who grew up in "Tornedalen" and been living in Arjeplog since spring 2016, traveling and experiencing other places and cultures has also been one of my passions over the years.

More about me coming soon .....

"Tornedalen" is a area along Torne river next to the boarder to Finland


Feel free to provide feedback about the page, positive or negative. I'm grateful if you notify me of mistakes or anything else that's wrong.

I have received positive feedback from fishermen that I met during the summer that it became significantly easier to get an overview of the Arjeplog currents along with the pictures we show about the different ones.

Trout Arjeplog streams

Contact details

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