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Unexpected pike catch

After a few days of trolling in Uddjaur it was time to try if we could lure some perch to bite as a change, but they seemed extremely shy despite brave attempts with both jig and small crankbaits.

Winter's preparation for this year's fishing season

There have been many hours of carving and painting of both large and small lures in the winter darkness, but now there is no more than 1½ months left of impatient waiting for the fishing premiere in the Arjeplog streams.

Fishing premiere 2019 Arjeplog streams

After a long wait, it was time for the fishing premiere in the Arjeplog stream on 6th June at 18:00. New equipment and crankbait creations done past winter would be tested around the streams with great anticipation.

Grayling spawning in Arjeplog Lapland

Grayling spawning is going on so be sure to see it with your own eyes in the streams. The videos below are taken from the first bridge towards the Bjäckaströmmen. Impressive sight to see such a large number of big graylings chasing and biting each other for the dominance of the stream.

Trout Arjeplog streams

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