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  • Hösttrolling / Autumn trolling in Aug. - Sept.

    Hösttrolling / Autumn trolling in Aug. - Sept.

  • Regnbåge  / Rainbow at Hornavan

    Regnbåge / Rainbow at Hornavan

  • Skepparen / Captain Carl-Hendrik

    Skepparen / Captain Carl-Hendrik

  • Hösttrolling / Autumn trolling in Aug. - Sept.
  • Regnbåge  / Rainbow at Hornavan
  • Skepparen / Captain Carl-Hendrik

Trolling trips to Hornavan, Uddjaur and Aisjaur

I was invited to my life's first trolling trip by Carl-Hendrik and it was with excitement and high expectation that I went on a few trips with him during last autumn. I been fishing quite a lot from boat in rivers for trout and salmon but trolling with deep rigs, paravans and sonar was completely new for me.

Getting ready for some trolling.

Trollingbåt Hornavan
Getting ready for serious fishing

85 feet deep and it gets in meters? Both Hornavan and Uddjaur offer lots of shallows so it is important to keep an eye on the sonar to not get stuck in the bottom and tear off the rigs.

Djuprigg trolling Hornavan
85 fot / 85 feet

If you take someone that has not been doing trolling and releases both rigs and paravans at the same time in the wind, it would be a wonder if you did not come up with a heavy mess.

Trolling med 6 spön Hornavan
Trolling with deep rigs + paravans

Fantastic evening despite wind and about 10 degrees in the air.

Vacker solnedgång vid Hornavan
Lovely sunset but colder than it look

Right clothes keep you in better mood.

Gäller att vara rätt klädd för trolling i Lappland
Right clothes for autumn fishing

Concentrated face when reeling in the first fish on trolling.

Hugg på trolling - Hornavan
First fish on trolling

Nice arctic char catched at Hornavan.

Röding på trolling i Hornavan
Arctic Char

Day's catch was two arctic chars.

Dagens fångst av röding i Hornavan
Arctic Char

When the temperature drops below 10 degrees and the darkness begins to fall, it is time to start thinking about going home.

Kvällsfiske Hornavan
Going home

Trolling pictures from a few trips to Uddjaur and Aisjaur in September, slightly varying weather from crashing to bright sunshine..

Sjösättning av båt i Racksund
Boat launch at Racksund

Double rainbows must mean good fishing luck or?

Dubbel regnbåge över Uddjaur
Double rainbows over Uddjaur

Sonar show fish so need to make a few extra throws.

Några kast med kastspö Uddjaur
Any luck?

No waste of time to make those few extra throws at Uddjaur.

Öring - Uddjaur
Uddjaur trout

Arjeplog offer nice views and places around the lakes.

Arjeplog fjällnära skärgård

Short break on land where the sun warmed up bit.

Arjeplog med alla sjöar känns som fjällnära skärgård
Short break

The fishing luck is perhaps as good or better in lake Aisjaur?

Mot Aisjaur från Uddjaur
Aisjaur next

A couple of the nice pikes we got in Aisjaur.

Gäddor fångade i Aisjaur
Pikes - Aisjaur

Mixed catch of trout, pike and perch of the day.

Trolling mix Arjeplog
Trolling mix Arjeplog


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