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  • Huggvillig abborre / Hungry Perch

    Huggvillig abborre / Hungry Perch

  • Uddjaure - 02:30

    Uddjaure - 02:30

  • Gädda / Pike 4.4kg

    Gädda / Pike 4.4kg

  • Abborre - Sik / Perch - White fish

    Abborre - Sik / Perch - White fish

  • Huggvillig abborre / Hungry Perch
  • Uddjaure - 02:30
  • Gädda / Pike 4.4kg
  • Abborre - Sik / Perch - White fish

Arjeplog's fishing waters offer more than trout and arctic char fishing.

Arjeplog is a fishing paradise for the whole family with various fishing from angling and jig fishing for perch to pike adventure among all our lakes and watercourses. There has been caught a pike over 16kg which you can read more about on a link at the bottom of the page.


Hamnen i Skeut Arjeplog
Docks in Skeut - Arjeplog

The weather could not be better with the water like a mirror when we went out with the boat on Uddjaure from the docks in Skeut. The sun did shine from a clear blue sky and the backpack was packed with both sandwich and coffee thermos so the fishing itself felt less important than a nice day on the lake.

Sportfiske Arjeplog
Perch / White fish

Could not resist so had to put on my home made crankbaits on the ultra light rods and try our luck for a while and immediately we started to get perch after perch with hard fighting white fish between.

Fikapaus på en av Uddjaures holmar
Coffee break - Uddjaure

Is there anything more relaxing than the calm ripple of waves with nice sandwich and a cup of coffee on "own" islet?

Fiskefångst Uddjaure
Mixed catch

We had to start releasing most of the fish and just keep some for smoking after a while.

Rökt abborre
Smoked Perch

ABU smoker got in good use and smoked perch is delicious.

Stora sjöarna - Gäddparadis
Stora sjöarna - "Great Lakes" - Pike paradise

Stora sjöarna "The Great Lakes" are very well known for big pike even though today's catch "only" was 4.4kg.

 More photos from Uddjaure

Utloppet från arjeplogsströmmarna till Uddjaure
04:00 - Gallaströmmen
Gallaströmmen - Arjeplog
Gallaströmmen - Arjeplog
Nattfiske Uddjaure
Lovely night - Uddjaure
Dubbel regnbåge över Öberget
Double rainbow over Öberget


Record Pike - Arjeplog

Mikael J

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