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  • Soluppgång / Sunrise - Skiltjaströmmen

    Soluppgång / Sunrise - Skiltjaströmmen

  • Slända / Caddi

    Slända / Caddi

  • Sik / Whitefish

    Sik / Whitefish

  • Soluppgång / Sunrise - Skiltjaströmmen
  • Slända / Caddi
  • Sik / Whitefish

Fishing fever at Skiltja stream

It had been quiet after the premiere week for fishing, the incredibly hot summer has warmed up the water a bit to much so fishing has been difficult. Shame on the one who gives up, so I pack my gear and go back once more to Skiltjan with the hope that TODAY I might get lucky.

The night at Skiltjan goes as usual with plenty of fresh air and coffee at the campfire but not much else, no difference from the last 2-3 weeks on the fish front. After a last cup of coffee just before 2am it's time again to try a few throws and then it happens. The pool is pretty much full of wake's, back and tail fins of fish breaking the water chasing hatching caddis..

Fiskar som jagar sländor längs ytan
3 whitefish chasing hatching caddis

Got to admit my pulse did rise when I first thought it was trout but it showed to be white fish or sellack as it's called here.

Fiske i Skiltjaströmmen

You could see 4-5 fish at the same time with tail and back fins over water.

Jagande fisk
Back & Tail fin

Too bad I did not take with me my fly fishing gear.

Sik i Skiltjaströmmen
Getting close

Memorable night at Skiltjaströmmen.

Ovanlig upplevelse en vacker natt
Sun rise in late july



Mikael J

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