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  • Första fisken i år / First fish this year

    Första fisken i år / First fish this year

  • 55cm - 1.25kg

    55cm - 1.25kg

  • Harr med glöd / Fighter grayling

    Harr med glöd / Fighter grayling

  • Första fisken i år / First fish this year
  • 55cm - 1.25kg
  • Harr med glöd / Fighter grayling

Fishing premiere 2019 Arjeplog streams

After a long wait, it was time for the fishing premiere in the Arjeplog stream on 6th June at 18:00. New equipment and crankbait creations done past winter would be tested around the streams with great anticipation.

We had hardly been able to start fishing before the first graylings hit the lures.

harr grayling arjeplog
Harr / Grayling

It was double joy that the winter's production of own crankbaits gave better than expected results. A combination of UL equipment and 0.12 mm line usually suffices in the smaller of the Arjeplogs currents and makes the grayling a true fighter.

Grov harr arjeplogsströmmarna
Harr / Grayling 50cm

The first 2 days of fishing gave 2 graylings over 50cm.

Glad fiskare vid Vaukaströmmen
Glad fiskare / Happy fisherman

 Sun shines and happy faces.

Grov harr Arjeplog
55cm 1.25kg

 Fun when you catch fish on your own lures .

Killer wobbler
Egen wobbler / DIY crankbait

Amazing sunrise at Arjeplogs streams.

Fiske vid Vaukaströmmarna
Midnight at Vaukaströmmarna

Not a trout above 15cm but plenty of smaller ones. Handle gently the smaller trouts that's put back.

Öring i Arjeplogsströmmarna

Beautiful night at Skiltjaströmmen.

Skiltjaströmmen Arjeplog

It is not always the actual fishing that comes first and foremost but to get out into nature, is there anything more calming than sitting at the campfire and feeling the coffee scent to the sound of the rapids?

Kaffepaus vid Skiltjaströmmen
Relaxing moment

Big dorsal fins even on smaller grayling.

Harr - Skiltjaströmmen
Grayling at Skiltjaströmmen

The grayling is undervalued as a sport fish, with light equipment it is a real fighter with strenght.

Harrfiske Arjeplog
Hoppande harr / Jumping grayling

Grayling ca. 40cm

Harrfiske i Arjeplogsströmmarna
Grayling as sport fish

Once in a while you can catch perch Arjeplogsströmmarna.

Abborre Arjeplog
Arjeplogs Perch

Happy fisherman with her first pike caught in Bjäckaströmmen.

Gäddfiske Arjeplog
Pike - Arjeplog


Arjeplog streams

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