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  • Johnny - GK's Fiske / Arjeplogs Fiskecentrum

    Johnny - GK's Fiske / Arjeplogs Fiskecentrum

  • GK's Fiske

    GK's Fiske

  • GK's Fiske / Arjeplogs Fiskecentrum

    GK's Fiske / Arjeplogs Fiskecentrum

  • GK's Fiske

    GK's Fiske

  • Johnny - GK's Fiske / Arjeplogs Fiskecentrum
  • GK's Fiske
  • GK's Fiske / Arjeplogs Fiskecentrum
  • GK's Fiske

Meet Johnny at the newly started Arjeplog Fishing Center which you can find at GK's Fishing store

The first thing you notice when you enter the combined store and information center is how large and wide the range of fishing gear and lures you find in all categories from trolling to ice fishing. The man behind the counter with the always happy mood is Johnny with a genuine fishing interest and know's most about Arjeplog's fishing waters.


Fiskekort Arjeplog
Fishing licens / Maps

The fishing center's task is to promote Arjeplog as a destination for sport fishing by providing our new and returning visitors with up to date information, fishing license sales and keeping in touch with related agencies and companies in fishing.

A visit to Fiskecentrum / GK's Fiske is well worth a visit for a look in the store and a chat about fishing and recent catches.

More about GK's Fiske..

Fjällkartor Arjeplog
Maps Arjeplog Lapland etc.

Everything for the mountain fishing trip, mountain maps, storm kitchen with accessories etc.

Beten fjällfiske, trolling
HK Varma, Rapala, Bomber Lures

Lures & gear from trolling to flyfishing.

Trolling sektion
Trolling section

Trolling section with lures and equipment.

Trolling Stora Sjöarna Arjeplog
Sea fishing reels

Sea fishing reels and equipment.

GK's Fiske Polaroid
Broke your polaroid glasses?

Polaroid is a must for flyfishing.

Starka linor för storöringen
Strong lines for the Big One!

A few mixed photos from the store.

Kläder, Vadare & flyttvästar
Clothes, Waders & life jackets

Broken waders can ruin your vacation but at GK's you find new ones. 

Gäddbeten för Hornavan
I-Fish, Westin eller Strike Pro?

Pike fishing have become more popular recent years because of the big ones catched in our big lakes.

Westin, Savage
Westin, Savage
Fladen, Savage beten
Fladen, Savage lures
Wobblers i mängder


Trout Arjeplog streams

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