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  • Öring under leken / Trout during spawning season

    Öring under leken / Trout during spawning season

  • Öring under leken / Trout during spawning season

Trout during spawning season in Arjeplog streams

Don't miss the scene that go on after the fishing season in Arjeplog streams in september and october. During fall I been admiring big trouts spawn at Vatjinavve stream from the old bridge and only missed to see a bit bigger trouts a few times.

Sorry for the unsharp photos but you get an idea what it's all about and by the way you have to experience the whole thing in real to appreciate it fully.

Grov öring Arjeplogsströmmarna
Nice trout during spawning season

Downstream from the old bridge at Vatjinavveströmmen.

2 öringar arjeplog
Spawning trout

Trout on the side digging in the gravel to lay eggs.

Öring gräver i grus under leken
Trout laying eggs in gravel

The incredible hot summer 2018 got the water temperature to rise and caused some injuries and growth as on this one on the back fin, most of them seem to recover very well when the water cooled down.

Grov öring Arjeplog lappland
Injury at back fin


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Trout Arjeplog streams

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