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  • Wobblertillverkning / DIY Crankbaits

    Wobblertillverkning / DIY Crankbaits

  • Olika modeller / Different models

    Olika modeller / Different models

  • Rött känns rätt i år / Red feels as right colour this year

    Rött känns rätt i år / Red feels as right colour this year

  • Wobblertillverkning / DIY Crankbaits
  • Olika modeller / Different models
  • Rött känns rätt i år / Red feels as right colour this year

DIY Crankbaits for fishing season 2019

Catching fish with self made baits is as said double happiness and I have to agree. I remember long time ago when I made the first attempts to tie flies and managed to cheat some graylings to take it. Although the flies looked withered after a few smaller grayling, there was the feeling of having succeeded, the same applies even if you give yourself to making your own crankbaits, spinners or other baits.

It is possible to get started cheap making your own lures, only a bit more expensive is the airbrush with compressor but there are really cheap new ones out on the market today. Varnishes and ready made airbrush colors are quite expensive but after all, you don't use much of those.

Wobblerstomme med skedar
Balsa wood body with different spoon models

You only need simple tools to work with balsa.

Egna wobblers Arjeplog
Simple cheap tools

I don't go into all the details of crankbait building but have some imagination try to do some own models. If it doesn't work, you will find lots of tips from others online about models, colors and how to get the best motion on your lure.

Olika beten för storöring i Arjeplogsströmmarna
New models for 2019

Cheap set with air brush, compressor with tank is a good start.

Airbrush för målning av wobblers
Air brush acrylat paint

If you just want to try as beginner to make crankbaits then Fache water based colors works pretty well with airbrush if you use large nozzle and thin the colors considerably.

Akrylatfärg för wobbler
Fache colors work pretty well with Air brush

The ones below is air brushed with the Fache colors and covered with C&W Lure epoxy top coat. The top coat give the lures nice deep luster and the rotating drying rack get the top coat to flow out evenly without drips.

Wobbler i torkvinda
Drying rack for the top coat

Drying rack use a 230V motor from a disco mirror ball that make about 2 revs a minute.

Torkvinda av diskokulemotor
Drying rack

A few crankbaits for trolling in Hornavan and the others of the "Great lakes"

Wobbler för Hornavan
Gold is the right color for 2019?

Big variation of models, sizes and colors.

Olika beten för Arjeplogsströmmarna
A few different variations 

A few micro baits is a must to have, this is 3cm.

Mikro wobbler
Micro crankbait 3cm

Jerkbait for Pike made by my friend Carl.

Jerkbait för Gädda
Jerkbait for Pike

Welcome to the best fishing experience you can get in Arjeplog Swedish Lapland 

Mikael J

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