Fishing in Arjeplog

Arjeplog streams are the best fishing waters that can be found in Swedish Lapland. You will find guides, maps and pictures on the streams below.

  • Gallaströmmen


  • Gallaströmmen


Gallaströmmen is quite wide and calm stream located a bit down stream from Vatjinavveströmmen from where you can see the start of the rapid, The riverside is a bit hard to pass through on the west side as you can see on the photos and it's a bit to walk toreach the stream.

Gallaströmmen is one of the less popular fishing spots in the Arjeplog streams what I experienced so if it appears to be too crowded in the other streams, it could be a place to go to. Nice greyling catches have been reported from Gallaströmmen.


You can see the bridge over Vatjinavveströmmen on distance.

Gallaströmmen Arjeplog
View upstreams to Silvervägen

You can see start of Gallaströmmen from the bridge over Vatinavveströmmen

Gallaströmmen en av Arjeplogsströmmarna
Gallaströmmen from Silvervägen E95


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