Fishing in Arjeplog

Arjeplog streams are the best fishing waters that can be found in Swedish Lapland. You will find guides, maps and pictures on the streams below.

  • Lillströmmen -

    Lillströmmen - "Tiny stream"

  • Lillströmmen -


Lillströmmen starts below Arjeplog church and the Silver Museum, as the name says, it is a small and short stream that flows from Sälla to Vauka. Lillströmmen is one of the streams that eventually form Skellefteå river.

Lillströmmen start below Arjeplog Church and Silver museum.

Lillströmmen startar nedanför Arjeplogs kyrka
Lillströmmen view toward Arjeplog church

Flow out in Vauka.

Utloppet mot Vauka
Flow out in Vauka

Lillströmmen starting point below Silver museum next to Arjeplog center.

Lillströmmen från Silvermuseet
Lillströmmen at Silver museum

View from Vauka towards Sälla and Silver museum.

Lillströmmen vy mot Silvermuseet
Nice view

The popular trail "Vaukaleden" starts here at Lillströmmen.

Vaukaleden startar vid lillströmmen
Vaukaleden start point


Trout Arjeplog streams

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