Fishing in Arjeplog

Arjeplog streams are the best fishing waters that can be found in Swedish Lapland. You will find guides, maps and pictures on the streams below.



Skiltjaströmmen is one of my favorite places to go fishing with nice rapids and pools to try you'r luck on. Here you can catch nice sized trouts & grayling especially at fall with the darker nights.

Nice streams and pools where you can catch nice sized trouts and graylings on spin or flyfishing. You see Mt. Galtispuoda in the background.

Skiltjaströmmen Arjeplog
Skiltjaströmmen flow down from Sälla

First pool in Skiltjaströmmen with a bit deeper water and calmer stream.

Sel i Skiltjaströmmen
First pool - Skiltjaströmmen

Down stream Skiltjaströmmen where it flow and join Kirstenströmmen towards Bjäckas

Utlopp Skiltjaströmmen
View down stream Skiltjaströmmen

Happiness is not what fishing gear you use but to catch you'r first big grayling.

Lycka är att få sin första öring
First bigger grayling on rod

Fresh nice grayling for the grill.

Fina harrar Arjeplogsströmmarna
Nice sized grayling

Happiness can be a sparkling fire and the sound of the rapids in the background a bright summer night at 2am.

Rast & Grillplats Skiltjaströmmen
Sparkling fire & relaxing sound from the rapid


Trout Arjeplog streams

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