Fishing in Arjeplog

Arjeplog streams are the best fishing waters that can be found in Swedish Lapland. You will find guides, maps and pictures on the streams below.

  • Augustifiske - Fishing in august

    Augustifiske - Fishing in august

  • Fin harr - Nice greyling

    Fin harr - Nice greyling

  • Skellefteälven


  • Augustifiske - Fishing in august
  • Fin harr - Nice greyling
  • Skellefteälven


Vatjinavveströmmen is where Skellefte river starts, fishing at and between the two bridges over the stream is popular fishing spot with rest and barbecue area just off Riksväg 95, also known as Silvervägen that mean "Silver road"

Old bridge over Vatjinavveströmmen

Vatjinavve - Gamla bron - Arjeplog
Vatjinavveströmmen - Old bridge

View between both bridges west of Arjeplog along Silvervägen

Vatjinavveströmmen Arjeplog
Vatjinavveströmmen - Arjeplog

View to Gallaselet down stream

Klart vatten vid Vatjinavveströmmen Arjeplog
View to Gallaselet

View to Akkelis under the new bridge

Silvervägen broar Arjeplog

Old bridge over Vatjinavveströmmen, if you're lucky you can see big trout in autumn during the spawning.

Gamla bron - Vatjinavveströmmen
Old bridge - Vatjinavveströmmen

Autum fishing in august.

Höstfiske Arjeplogsströmmarna
What lure to choose?

Sunrise early June

Soluppgång Arjeplogströmmarna
Sunrise Arjeplogströmmarna

Rest & grill area

Rast & grillplats vid Vatjinavveströmmen
Rest & grill area at Vatjinavveströmmen


Trout Arjeplog streams

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