Fishing in Arjeplog

Arjeplog streams are the best fishing waters that can be found in Swedish Lapland. You will find guides, maps and pictures on the streams below.

  • Handikappvänligt - Wheelchair access

    Handikappvänligt - Wheelchair access

  • 1.9km från Centrum

    1.9km från Centrum

  • Lättillgängligt - Easy accessible

    Lättillgängligt - Easy accessible

  • Handikappvänligt - Wheelchair access
  • 1.9km från Centrum
  • Lättillgängligt - Easy accessible


Vauka rapids offer easy access for the whole family with barbecue areas and handicap fishing spots, but also more experienced fly fisherman finds many more places to try their luck on.

Vaukaströmmarna is a popular recreation and fishing spot, located within walking distance from Arjeplog center, Vaukaleden, which go partly on covered trails along the streams fit the whole family and are also handicap accessible.

Grillplats Vaukaströmmarna Arjeplog
One of the rest & grill places

Sunny day over the rapids

Vy över Vaukaströmmarna
Sunny summer day

Different sized streams

Vaukaströmmarna Arjeplog
Porling water

The crystal clear water can get you to misjudge the depth

Fiska i kristallklart vatten i Arjeplog
Crystal clear water - Vaukaströmmarna

Another place to try you'r luck or only to relax and grill something tasty

Nabravrre - Arjeplogsströmmarna


Trout Arjeplog streams

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